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The Film Square is a one-stop-shop for content creation like product photography, corporate shoots, interviews, promotion videos, and brand creatives.


Lead by "Lakshay Bhoria", the organization believes in employing a young dynamic workforce that is adept in overseeing all aspects of film production, including camera lens choices, camera manipulation, lighting choices, set design, and various technical matters that affect the overall visual outcome in the film.


This is an organization that believes in bringing forth the ability to collaborate effectively with others and prioritize the goals of the film efficiently. Enthusiastic and committed to creating thought and emotion-provoking cinema.

Our Story

We’re a team of creative professionals based in Faridabad, Haryana working in industry since past 5 years. 

CEO and founder, ‘Mr.Lakshay Bhoria’ believes in creating a remarkable vision of client’s products and services which can impress the audience in an effective way. 

Our team, at the ‘the filmsquare’ create captivating corporate videos which helps in targeting the audience. Also, we as a team try to explore the products and services through our vision and brings out our best which helps in boosting business needs and targeting audience. 

Our creative and experienced team can make enthralling corporate videos of products and services which can impact the right audience in a  positive way and also influence their minds.

Meet The Team

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